Workplace Politics

I recently started a new job and found out that one of my new coworkers has been snooping around on the internet looking for social media accounts under my name. Well, they found one that hasn’t been used in some time now, but because of my dark humor and my profile saying that I hate all people, they have decided that I shouldn’t have been hired. So as a result, I have decided to take a break from any posts on any social media or blog forums. My Facebook account has been deleted and I haven’t used it for over a year but it seems that Facebook will never let you quit. So until I see that it is possible to have this job and still have a social life that other people can’t see then I guess I’ll just have to keep these posts to a minimum. I’m sorry.


Do I Have Depression, or Do I Just Need to Grow Up? — Ophelia’s

Everyone has a different brand of depression. A recent interaction with my dental hygienist got me wondering – am I depressed or just lazy?

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You Are Not Alone

This page is dedicated to anyone who has been through hell and back. Whether you were beaten, sexually abused, neglected, went through trauma, have ongoing physical and/or mental issues, or just don’t know how to cope; this page is for you to see that you are not alone.

There are people just like you.

People who don’t know how to act around others.

People who don’t know how to talk about or deal with the things they’ve seen or been through.

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You are not alone. Share your stories here if you like or just read mine. I promise you that I will tell you my truths without reservations.