Just Say No

Daily writing prompt
How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

As I sit here eating strawberry and cream cheese toaster strudels, typing up a response to the daily prompt, while surrounded with boxes that need to be loaded and packed into the moving truck, I have to say I am not as good at saying “no” as I should be or would like.

My goals are not hard to reach but for some reason I cannot achieve them to the level that I would expect from myself because I just can’t say “NO!”.

Lose weight: eat more toaster strudels

Move into your new apartment: sit at the computer and screw around for an hour

Write more on your blog and journal: answer the prompt first and then forget about your own sites

These are all things I let myself be convinced out of doing by some other more enticing thing. Does that make me superficial? Am I a procrastinator? Yes and yes.

Did this prompt make me realize that I am just too caught up in the ADHD all-over-the-place attitude and misdirections that I am hurting myself, nobody else.

Time to say “No” and get back to the basics.

One comment

  1. I wish I had known how important setting boundaries was long ago, as I would have been happier if I had just said no. I may never have my steel magnolias or golden girls, but at least I won’t have to feel like crap being someone I never was or have people around me who only saw what I would willingly give, without the same courtesy.


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