Workplace Politics

I recently started a new job and found out that one of my new coworkers has been snooping around on the internet looking for social media accounts under my name. Well, they found one that hasn’t been used in some time now, but because of my dark humor and my profile saying that I hate all people, they have decided that I shouldn’t have been hired. So as a result, I have decided to take a break from any posts on any social media or blog forums. My Facebook account has been deleted and I haven’t used it for over a year but it seems that Facebook will never let you quit. So until I see that it is possible to have this job and still have a social life that other people can’t see then I guess I’ll just have to keep these posts to a minimum. I’m sorry.


4 thoughts on “Workplace Politics

  1. Well you could always put something really tantalizing out on the net just to see where it pops up I’ve always enjoyed just making people wonder. But you could use it to do a little recon to figure out who can and who cannot be trusted.


      • Got ya, and in times past I’d say that’s a great option. I work in a company that is basically “Romper Room” too. What I’ve encountered is that from HR & upper management down, everyone is looking for something to hold over someone else’s head. The environment is not about doing or rewarding a job well done. It’s about punishment. Everyone is repeatedly punished for the “sins” of a few. I think this is because the company is terrified of appearing to be “unfair” to those that are taking advantage, so rather than address issues with the select individuals they make the entire department pay. I’ve found that keeping my head down and doing my job well isn’t the way to promotion, it’s the way to be ignored. At the same time when you’ve been maintenance free for a while, and then have any kind of issue it’s treated as a much bigger deal than it should be, or actually is. Because I don’t post my life on every social media platform 24/7 it presents a problem, because my word isn’t good enough. This new business model seems to expect to be able to research your social media to verify that you’re actually taking time off to attend to family matters, they expect to see a timeline of posts that you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with some disease. Only then will they be reasonable about letting you have time off without penalty. Which is why I have over 100 hours of vacation time and can’t get permission to take a few days off for personal reasons. “Business Needs” are always cited. I said to my supervisor, “So you’re telling me that the company would rather lose the investment they’ve made in my understanding of the product over the past few years, and have to pay out all my vacation time and current pay period, rather than let me take a few days off,” my supervisors response floored me. The answer was, “Yes”. I think it’s about to change, as companies and poor management come to realize that with a dropping unemployment rate they’re going to have to stop thinking of their employees as replaceable machines.


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