You Are Not Alone

This page is dedicated to anyone who has been through hell and back. Whether you were beaten, sexually abused, neglected, went through trauma, have ongoing physical and/or mental issues, or just don’t know how to cope; this page is for you to see that you are not alone.

There are people just like you.

People who don’t know how to act around others.

People who don’t know how to talk about or deal with the things they’ve seen or been through.

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You are not alone. Share your stories here if you like or just read mine. I promise you that I will tell you my truths without reservations. 


1 thought on “You Are Not Alone

  1. It was with a heavy heart I read you blog. You know about me and my past. But you still love me and help me with everything. Even with all you have been put through you showed me the love and respect that I don’t deserve. God has a place for you. Don’t you give up ever! Matt and I are here for you. We would both do anything for you.💗


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